Cirque Shanghai is a visual feast of breathtaking acrobatics and white knuckle stunts that has wowed audiences in all four corners of the Globe!

Featuring of the world’s greatest acrobatic acts including the Wheel of Destiny, the group swinging pole act, candlelight contortion, aerial silks and the not to be missed motorbike Globe of Death, Cirque Shanghai is the perfect show for the entire family.

This heart pounding production stars award winning circus and acrobatic talent from China’s finest training facilities and has been described as “ amazing to the extreme!”, delighting audiences wherever it plays. Featuring state of the art production, exquisite costumes and larger than life scenery, Cirque Shanghai is a not to be missed extravaganza that will quite literally leave you on the edge of your seat.


As one who’s been bored at the circus in nearly all of its manifestations the last few outings, I was pleasantly surprised by the Chinese import, Cirque Shanghai, whose production this summer at Navy Pier is entitled "Extreme."

Essentially a fast-paced and carefully choreographed showcase for Chinese acrobatics and tumbling, with ample Oriental trappings, this show is not one for the very wee pals, since it is devoid of animals and mostly absent clowns and slapstick humor, but rather for the kids and adults who can appreciate what the human body is capable of doing, and is doing onstage. Apparently the “Extreme”-ness comes from the grand finale motorcycles-in-a-globe bit, which is a familiar circus act taken up several notches here. At seventy intermissionless minutes, the show avoids the tendency that plagues most circuses to linger on a bit too long, making for a very pleasant evening in the open summer air of the Skyline Stage.

(Brian Hieggelke)



Nothing short of magical
by Andy Argyrakis

"it isn't always easy to tell the difference between a high quality show and a cheap knockoff. But in the case of Cirque Shanghai, the veteran troupe has already proven itself across three seasons."



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