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(Translated from Mandarin by Fu Dong Shen)

For someone who has only seen snow on TV the idea of spending a day surrounded by it was a very exciting prospect. My young boy (age 7) had been begging me for weeks to take him and his school friends to the “Snow Carnival” and so I was nervous that their expectations would be greater than the real thing.

I need not have been worried. From the first moment we stepped inside, the children were amazed! Snow everywhere! Real, white, fluffy, cold snow, and not just on the floor but sculpted in to the most glorious array of giant sculptures. Of course their first reaction was to run towards the 100 foot long snow slide zone where after climbing up the giant staircase they hurtled down the slope on inflatable snow tubes. I cannot recall how many times they repeated this, each time seemingly faster than the last!

Our next stop was to the snow maze, where we tried in vain to find the quickest way to the exit (it really is harder than it looks). The snow sculptures that surround the event are truly magnificent and are created by master craftsmen who spend 1000’s of hours creating these frozen masterpieces. Our favorites were the frozen dinosaurs that seemed to tower over us as if they had been frozen in time!

The finest moment for me however had to come from watching for the first time the children making snowmen, complete with hats, scarves and even a carrot for the nose. Having wanted to do this myself since I was a child, I was only too happy to take part myself and have to say that it was one of the most enjoyable moments I can recently recall.

All in all, this event is an absolute must see for families of all ages and I cannot recommend it highly enough. For someone who has never seen snow, it is an absolute joy to not only see your children enjoying it so much, but to enjoy it yourself as well.

What: The snow Carnival
Where: Snow World Park
When: Running until the end of the month
Star Rating: 9/10


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