Blackpool Dance Festival, China

A multi-year collaboration bringing expert dance instruction and competition to mainland China, this festival is open to top dance competitors from around the world. The event is the only one of its kind outside Blackpool that is authorized by the Blackpool Dance Festival and also endorsed and certified by both the World Dance Council (WDC) and the World Dance Council Amateur League (WDCAL). Contestants receive awards and recognition from all three of the endorsing organizations.


Featuring artists specializing in disciplines ranging from extreme sports, dance, circus, music and variety, the Euro-American Festival is an entertainment explosion with something for everyone.


Bands, choirs, soloists, symphonies, and musicians from every genre come together in a powerful meeting of the greatest musical talents in the world.


A high-octane tour de force, extreme acrobatics pulls the deadliest stunts ever performed into one power-packed program. The Wheel of Destiny, Motorcycle High-Wire, and the Globe of Death are just some of the amazing feats that keep audiences riveted to their seats.


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