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• Office management and asset management: including but not limited to insurance, transportation, logistics, processing of contracts, riders, and budgets;

• Coordinate production management needs, including but not limited to time line and logistic planning as well as inventories and supplies;

• Determine the material resources required;

• Manage transportation, logistics, and lodging for foreign performers and artists;

• Coordinate and manage promotional materials for events;

• Plan, create, implement and control production schedule for each event;

• Review, coordinate, and adjust the schedule where needed;

• Estimate production costs and set production budgets;

• Review event bills for accuracy and approve payments;

• Create safety check list per project needs;

• Ensure implementation and adherence to safety procedures per the employee manual and check list;

• Implement standard operating procedures to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and laws for production operations;

• Conduct On-site supervision for events;

• Ensure efficient collaboration and coordination between relevant departments including client, staff, and management;

• Set and monitor product quality standards;

• Implement and enforce quality control and tracking programs to meet quality objectives;

• Analyze production and quality control to detect and correct problems;

• Determine and implement improvements to the production process;

• Prepare and maintain production reports;

• Research relative shows/attractions and marketing campaigns worldwide to facilitate future business development; and

• Conduct surveys for feedback and improvements.

Career Level Required-Manager (Manager/Supervisor of Staff)

Education Required-Bachelor's Degree

Job Type-Employee

Job Status-Full Time


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