The Nutcracker theme park to be unveiled in Shanghai


The Ice Kingdom-The Nutcracker will be unveiled at the Shanghai Expo site on Jan 1, 2016 to welcome children and adults to encounter snow and ice, and play in the frozen world without having to fly further north.

The 3000-square-meter indoor theme park is introduced by the experienced organizer, International Special Attractions from the US to recreate the classic fairy tale of The Nutcracker and The Mouseking for local residents to have fun in the cold winter.

It also is the first time that the company has brought the popular ice kingdom with dedicated ice sculptures from the US to China, which have been displayed all over the US for the past 15 years.

There are different storylines in each section, which also include certain Chinese elements such an ice panda.

In addition to the ice displays of characters from fairy tales, there is an ice slide, a snow playground, a bumper car on the ice and the curling bowling for both adults and children to feel the frozen and snowy winter with their hands.

The theme park will be open to the public from Jan 1 to March 6, which will offer a unique fairytale ice kingdom for Chinese families.


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