The Larger than life lantern festival

Luminasia is a breathtaking state of the art walk- through experience that has delighted millions of people worldwide. Featuring larger than life, internally-lit lantern artwork this exquisitely created lantern exhibition delights both young and old alike.

The lanterns themselves are individually created by a team of over 100 highly skilled individuals who have been creating lantern artwork for over 9 generations. The combination of the immense skill of the workmanship coupled with 21st century production and lighting makes this one of a kind experience a must see attraction for the entire family.

• The attraction has wide demographic and huge family appeal.
• The Luminasia attraction can be created in indoor or outdoor environments
• The Attraction is completely weather proof against wind, rain and sun.
• The return on investment opportunities are very favorable.


ISA has a year-round production of Luminasia at the Winter Gardens Theatre Complex in Blackpool, England called ILLUMINASIA. Over the past five years, ISA has presented Luminasia in several other locations around the globe, including at the Washington State Fair (Puyallup, WA), the LA County Fair (Pomona, CA), the Parque Fundidora (Monterrey, Mexico), and the Galt House Hotel (Louisville, KY).


Every imaginable kind of theme can be created with Luminasia lantern designs.
Here are some of the most popular:

Merry Christing

Featuring magical larger than life holiday sculptures created to capture the true Spirit of the Holiday Season.

Mysteries of the Orient

A perfect blend of old and new: Traditional Chinese scenes fused with contemporary adaptations from Chinese folklore.


Walk with life size dinosaurs in this spectacular exhibit featuring life size replicas of the beasts that stalked the prehistoric World.

The Wonders of the World

Experience all the wonders of the World in one location. Giant sized recreations of the World most famous landmarks.

Garder Earth

Some of nature’s most beautiful vistas are beautifully recreated in this spectacular walk through exhibit.




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